What is Special about a Blunt umbrella?

It is the patented technology of a BLUNT™ Umbrella that is a massive leap forward in umbrella design. The frame has been completely re-designed to create a super tight tensioned canopy that handles wind extremely well. It is safer, it is more durable and it has its own aesthetically distinctive style. It is how umbrellas should always have been designed.
We feel the shape of a BLUNT™ Umbrella will become known as the future shape of quality umbrellas.

Will it blow inside out?

With its revolutionary Radial Tensioning System, BLUNT™ Umbrellas are inversion resistant however in extreme circumstances they will invert. The reinforced frame geometry however ensures that they can easily be ‘flipped back’ by collapsing the umbrellas with no harm done. Inversion resistance varies from model to model with our range of stick umbrellas having the best performance in his respect.

How does it get its shape?

The Blunt tips housed in the canopy pockets give the umbrella its rounded silhouette. But these also do much more. They make is make it a much safer umbrella. They make it more durable by eliminating a traditional fail point in umbrellas and they also are part of our RTS system that gives the canopy much greater tension.

What is the Warranty?

There is a 2 year global warranty on all BLUNT™ umbrellas.
Our revolutionary BLUNT umbrellas are made to the highest standards with each and every umbrella undergoing a 38 point independent quality control
check. With proper care your durable BLUNT™ umbrella should serve you with years of reliable use. If despite all our care to create a product of the highest quality, your BLUNT™ umbrella should still prove to be defective in materials or workmanship, or fail to function properly within the first 2 years of use, then simply return to our nearest distributor and we will either repair or replace it. Note this warranty doesn’t cover normal wear and tear, improper care or improper use. You may be required by the distributor in your country to show proof of purchase. If something happens to your BLUNT™ umbrella outside of this 2 year period please still contact us and we will endeavour to help however we can.

Where is it manufactured?

BLUNT™ umbrellas are manufactured near Xiamen in China. They are produced in a factory that was set up by a famous German umbrella company and is now run by a Taiwanese company that has been manufacturing umbrellas for over 50 years. Every single BLUNT™ umbrella undergoes an independent 38 point check prior to being sent to its final destination. We partnered with this factory as they came highly regarded in both Europe and the USA for their quality.
Though also known as an expensive maker of umbrellas, they work towards the highest manufacturing standards, this aligns with our ideals to build the best product possible. We thought the expense worth the quality and we never trade off price to get the quality we seek. This is an ongoing productive collaboration and we have benefited from their many years experience in an industry with its own unique traits.

What makes this umbrella special?

It is a total re-think of umbrella design yet retains the good parts of traditional umbrellas. It provides coverage from the rain and performs exceptionally in wind. It is a patented construction.

How does it work?

The technology behind the umbrella is termed our RTS™ system or Radial Tensioning System. What this means is we go about creating superior tension in our canopy structure in a totally different way than a traditional umbrella. Remembering that for an umbrella to be effective in any sort of wind it needs a well tensioned canopy to stop it flapping and tearing.
The RTS™ system is made up of three inventions or mechanisms. The first are the secondary struts which redirect the users opening effort outwards. The second are the floating ribs which take this effort and transfer it outwards to the canopy edge (where it is most needed). The third are the BLUNT™ tips, which then distribute this effort (or energy) around the edge of the canopy. This strengthens the canopy right out to the edge, giving it the means to combat gusts and winds with ease.

Who invented it?

A New Zealander by the name of Greig Brebner who is a Product Design Engineer. When living in London he noticed how unsafe umbrellas were and how they had become a commodity throwaway item. He set about re- inventing the umbrella unaware initially how constrained the design working area was. There is a good reason why umbrellas have not fundamentally changed for over a century and to re-design the mechanism was a huge challenge.

Do you make a lighter one?

BLUNT™ umbrellas come in a range of 9 models that will offer a solution for most people. Due to its superior construction BLUNT™ umbrellas are slightly heavier than comparably sized umbrellas however this subtle weight difference is quickly forgotten when in use.

Do you make a compact one that will fit in my purse?

The smallest umbrella that BLUNT™ currently makes is a 2-stage collapsible that is approximately 36cm long. This will fit in a bag however is slightly too large for the standard purse. The smaller the umbrella is the more the compromise in strength. We have yet to have a design for a smaller BLUNT™ that meets our standards for performance and durability – watch this space.

Does it come in pink?


How much wind will it cope with?

All BLUNT™ Umbrella models are tested during development in a high-speed wind tunnel. Testing has shown that all of our stick models will cope with wind strength far and beyond levels that users would feel comfortable using an umbrella in. The noticeable difference when using all BLUNT™ Umbrellas in the wind is how stable it is to hold. The Radial Tensioning System creates a very aerodynamic canopy that has been tuned to sit at the best angle to the wind to offer maximum coverage from the rain.